Question: What time does the sercurity gate at Emeryville Marina close?

Answer: Our gate closes at 10 pm and opens at 6 am.
Question: Does Emeryville Marina have oil, bilge pad, bilge, and fuel collection?

Answer: We have oil collection service only.
Question: Is Emeryville Marina a public or private marina?

Answer: Emeryville Marina is a privately owned marina on public property.
Question: Does Emeryville Marina have “Live Aboard” space available?

Answer: We currently have 4 plus year waiting list.
Question: Does Emeryville Marna have night watchmen on site and is your facility safe?

Answer: No, we do not have night watchmen on duty and we consider our marina to be as safe as any other marina.
Question: What type of docks does Emeryville Marina have?

Answer: We currently have both wooden and cement docks with the majority being cement.
Question: Does Emeryville Marina have a launch ramp and is there a fee?

Answer: Yes, we do have a launch ramp and there is no fee.
Question: Does Emeryville Marina have pump out stations?

Answer: Yes, we currently have 2 pump out stations within our marina.
Question: What amenities does Emeryville Marina offer?

Answer: You have a wonderful staff at your disposal, not to mention water, electricity, showers, laundry, fuel, gas, pump out stations, a beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay with restaurants within walking distance and much more……

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